Inorganic  Syntheses

Inorganic Syntheses

The Inorganic Syntheses Series

The Inorganic Syntheses series is published to provide all users of inorganic substances with detailed and foolproof procedures for the preparation of important and timely compounds. Thus the series is the concern of the entire scientific community. The Editorial Board hopes that all chemists will share in the responsibility of producing Inorgnic Syntheses by offering their advice and assistance in both the formulation of and the laboratory evaluation of outstanding syntheses. Help of this kind will be invaluable in achieving excellence and pertinence to current scientific interests.

There is no rigid definition of what constitutes a suitable synthesis. The major criterion by which syntheses are judged is the potential value to the scientific community. For example, starting materials or intermediates that are useful for synthetic chemistry are appropriate. The synthesis also should represent the best available procedure, and new or improved syntheses are particularly appropriate. Syntheses of compounds that are available commercially at reasonable prices are not acceptable. We do not encourage the submission of compounds that are unreasonably hazardous, and this connection, less dangerous anions generally should be employed in place of perchlorate.

The Inorganic Syntheses series is NOT a repository of primary research data, nor is it the place to report new syntheses. It is expected that all syntheses accepted for publication will have already appeared in the primary, peer-reviewed research literature. Thus those syntheses that are found to be widely used by the scientific community or provide a new synthetic entry to a broad range of compounds are most desired for the series. The series offers authors the chance to lay out intricacies of synthesis and purification in greater detail than possible in the original literature, as well as to provide updates of a tried-and-true synthesis.

The Inorganic Syntheses Organization

The Inorganic Syntheses organization is completely nonprofit and has as its object the preparation, publication, and distribution of books, manuscripts, and other documents concerning synthetic inorganic chemistry and the promotion of experimental research in connection therewith.

Organization Bylaws (pdf)